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THE CAPTIVES ( founded in 1198)

In our world, people and nations suffer oppression because of new and old forms of slavery, and they are wounded in the fundamental values of faith and justice.

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Your Involvement is Important

The Trinitarians have been involved in the Missions for the persecuted locally ,nationally and internationally.

Trinitarian Assam and North East Mission

The Trinitarians launched a missionary project under the archdiocese of Guwahati in …

Youth Mission

Special focus is given to providing spiritual, psychological, social, and ...

Education Mission

Helping the children grow intellectually, psychologically, spiritually is our primary goal.

Mission for the Persecuted

Support our missions for the Christians who are being persecuted because of ...

Women Empowerment and Pastoral Ministry

We nourish the most deserving girls with daily masses, counseling, social …

School Mission

Through various programs, we rescue children from poverty and slavery by …

Adopt a seminarian

Lend a helping hand to a future Trinitarian Missionary priest.


Sponsor a student

Gift-giving can be exciting, even lifesaving.

Is there any special days come around you?

You might find yourself with some excess generosity from family and friends.Maybe they want to buy you some new clothes, that new tech accessory, or dinner at a fancy restaurant.

You might feel lucky to have such caring family and friends, but perhaps you don’t need gifts, especially when that money could be spent in a much more meaningful way. Donating on a special day in your life to Trinitarian Missions brings valuable dollars to important work, and it will make your celebration feel even more special. This year, in lieu of gifts, empower yourself and your loved ones to spark change by making a donation on your special days.


Brick by Brick fundraising:
Leave a Lasting Legacy.

Your donation will help us build the school for Tribal in Assam, India. Works When you buy a brick. Your name will be engraved on it and it will be displayed in a prayer garden to view for many years. You are invited to purchase or sponsor a brick, and the price will be put towards the construction of DeMatha School.

“Buy a Brick” fundraiser concept motivates donors time and time again. Not only do fundraising bricks allow you to see your names (or the names of your loved ones) displayed in a prayer garden in front of our New DeMatha School.


Our Lady of Good Remedy Endowment Fund

Through your contributions Our Lady of Good Remedy endowment fund can be grown more effectively and quickly. This endowment fund is a means by which our organization helps to ensure its ability to carry out its mission.

The Fund will be used for

Education for the Poorest People in India undertaken by Trinitarian Fathers in India.

Seminarian’s formation/Education.

Include our Missions in your Estate Plan…

One of the most popular ways to include Trinitarian Missions-India in an estate plan is through a will or codicil. Alternatively, you can make Trinitarian Missions-India the beneficiary of a retirement plan or insurance policy. Whichever method works best for you, please remember to use the official legal name for The Trinitarians. Inc St. Michael of the Vice Province-India:

  • For a general gift of a certain percentage or portion of your estate: “I give to The Trinitarians in India one-fourth of my estate.”
  • For a gift of a specific asset : “I give 500 shares of XYZ stock to TheThe Trinitarians in India”