Trinitarian Mission in Assam and North East

Inspired by the Redemptive Charism of St. John DeMatha.

Inspired by the Redemptive Charism of St. John DeMatha, the Trinitarians launched a missionary project under the Archdiocese of Guwahati in Assam in 2008.

We were entrusted with a parish and school by the Archdiocese, at Tamulpur in Baksa Dt., a remote village about 90 km away from Guwahati where we engage in pastoral work, evangelization of the local people, supporting Christians in difficult situations, social work, boarding for boys, education of children and youth, and much more. Catholics in our parish are mainly from the tribal communities of Santals and Adivasis. Most of these people remain very poor and live in interior villages where there is less chance of electricity, education and hospitals. The majority suffer from malnutrition. Many perish due to malaria and other diseases. Lack of education has generated a negative impact on their lifestyle.


Youth faith formation in rural areas

India is a country where, in cities, young people are drawn towards fast money, growing corporate culture and imitation of the worldly lifestyle, leading to increased addictions and getting into quick relationships both physically and emotionally. In rural areas, lack of education, poverty, narrow mindedness, oppression and anti-social practices are quite prevalent. Youth are growing in an environment where a high population dictates the norms of life and success. Consequently, extreme competition in education and career is making many youth disappointed, depressed, mentally disturbed and also causing migration in huge numbers. Political chaos, corruption and communal disharmony are on the rise.


Donate $80 for one day retreat for 25 participants

This year, Trinitarians will serve over 700 young people at Catholic Youth Camp and retreats. We believe every child should have the opportunity to encounter Jesus through the mission of Trinitarians. These young men and women, guided by the Holy Spirit, lead our young people into a life-changing encounter with Jesus Christ. Get tax exemptions for the donations you make


Vehicle for Pastoral work

Purchase a 4-Wheel Drive Vehicle to Serve Remote

Trinitarian missionaries in this remote region of India have a difficult time reaching far-away rural villages. A reliable 4-wheel drive vehicle would help missionaries travel the challenging roads and terrain to bring their ministry to people in these distant locales.


Holy Trinity Mission House – Tamalpur Assam India, India

Amount to be funded

To purchase a 4-wheel drive utility vehicle - $13,600.00


Hostel for Poor Children

Responding to the challenging housing situation of children, we run hostels for boys and girls in the Tamulpur parish. Currently, we have about 90 children in these hostels. Though many Catholic parents would like to keep their children in the hostels for education, their resources are so limited that this is not possible. Moreover, continuous conscientization of the parents is a challenge and necessity to achieve the goal of educating their children.

We firmly believe that if we can train and educate these children in our mission hostels and schools, they will surely be able to rise from their plight and be able to contribute to the development and upbuilding of their community and society. Moreover, we can save them from the clutches of the unwanted extremist elements that are prevalent in that area. There are three Trinitarians; two priests and a regent brother, who look after the mission.


Dig a water well

The Trinitarians in Tamalpur Assam State, India in this region are devoted to spiritual support and bringing clean, running water to destitute villages. This water project will provide boreholes with pumps to more than 200 poor people in four high-priority communities.

Please note – even partial funding for this project would be welcome:  There are several opportunities to help fund this project:

Amount to be funded

Total cost of the project - $1670.00,with partial funding opportunities