Women Empowerment and Pastoral Ministry

Inspired by the Redemptive Charism of St. John DeMatha.

Self-help Project for Tea-garden Girls

Tea-Garden girls are those who belong to the families who depend completely upon the daily wage they get from working in Tea-Gardens of estate owners. These girls are Catholics, mostly from the Santhali tribe.

Each year, we accommodate twenty-five girls from different parts of Assam. We choose the most deserving ones from different parishes. The sisters who belong to the ASMI Congregation have a center for tailoring and remote education for students who drop out of school. We help these girls get training in this center, providing them accommodations with meals. After one complete year of instruction, they return to their villages and earn their living with the training provided. We also nourish them with daily Masses, counseling, social skills and value education, etc.


Buy Computer for their classroom

You have the power to equip them to achieve more. A computer in their classroom can help them to explore and learn more easily. Join us to help our tea-garden girls to grow in life and achieve a happy and prosperous life

Amount to be funded

Buy a Computer for their classroom - $350

Sponsor a student
- $100


Milking Cow for a Poor Family

Bring an entire barnyard of vital nutrition, income and hope to a family in need. The cow will provide milk, and fertilizer and the means for a family to become self-reliant through a small business.

Amount to be funded

Milking Cow - $300

A bicycle gives the people in the rural villages the ability to reach children and families in remote communities : $60


Trinity Stitching Center Kasargod

This training center is focused on enabling women to earn their own income, thereby make their own choices, and become more self-reliant. Vocational training is provided which creates new job opportunities for the students. Tailoring in India traditionally is a male occupation, so women (especially the poor and underprivileged ones) are usually excluded from this and other professions Not only does this opportunity provide them the means to earn a salary.

It also helps to raise their confidence levels, increase the weight of their voices, and share in the decision making processes within their families. The Trinitarians run a vocational Stitching center for the poorest people, which offers job opportunities in the garments industry. Additional sewing machines are needed to accommodate more students, giving them a chance to learn tailoring and embroidery skills, find decent employment and become self-sufficient.


Trinity Stiching Center – Kasargode, Kerala, India

Amount to be funded

To provide 5 electrical sewing machines, and training fees for
20 additional students - $2,807.00


Water Project

Borewell with Submersible Pump,
Overhead Tank and Gravity

Three miles away there is a pipeline that is an unreliable source of water. Unless it’s monsoon season, this source of water dries up and the people have no water.

You can make a difference! You are blessed with an abundance of clean drinking water. Our neighbors are not. You can feel their pain. You can lend a hand. You can change their world. Here are the requests awaiting funding…