School Special

Inspired by the Redemptive Charism of St. John DeMatha.

Trinitariran school mission

Knowledge is the most valuable asset of a person. It gives us confidence and courage to move ahead in life. Through our school mission, we equip children for the future.

Lack of knowledge can push someone to poverty and bad living conditions. We aim to prevent this by providing education to children who couldn’t afford it. Through various programs, we rescue children from poverty and slavery, these children are admitted to DeMatha School for ensuring better future through education.


School Lunch

For students at DeMatha School, the quality of school lunch impacts everything from behavior to academic performance. Many of the students we serve live at, or below, the poverty line and don’t have access to a consistent and dependable food supply. This makes them more susceptible

to physical and mental underdevelopment. In an attempt to alleviate the stressors from the families we serve, our goal is to have full lunch program in order to combat malnutrition and prevent students from dropping out of school due to hunger. A healthy brain-boosting lunch can make all the difference in ensuring proper brain development, leading to academic success and physical health.

Amount to be funded

Provides students with 5 Lunches per week at a cost of $20 a month per student.


Classroom Materials-Donation

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”- Nelson Mandela

The lack of basic school supplies or even safe and effective info structure keeps students from acquiring basic reading, weighting and cognitive skills needed for the most basic level of education. Basic needs like pencils, pens, paper, and textbooks help students engage in lessons, as they gain knowledge they can bring back to their community to improve overall welfare. Projects in school can translate into better lives for families in extreme poverty.

$20 provides a student with a brand new backpack filled with core supplies

The 9 school supplies in greatest demand are:

  • Pencils
  • Crayons
  • Colored Markers
  • Highlighters
  • Glue Sticks
  • Composition Books
  • Filler Paper
  • School bag
  • Colored Pencils

Help a Teacher

$195 provides a teacher with core supplies for an entire classroom for an entire Year.


Sponsor a child for Education

We believe that child sponsorship has the power to drive change that ripples throughout Children’s lives, their families and entire communities. Below, meet some of the boys and girls who are waiting to be sponsored by someone like you.

With a regular supply of protein-rich milk, children’s health improves along with their school attendance. In addition, parents can sell extra milk to pay for medicine and education.

Amount to be funded

Sponsor a child for Education -$200