Youth Ministry and Evangalization

Inspired by the Redemptive Charism of St. John DeMatha.

The Trinitarians have been involved in Youth Ministry Locally, Nationally and Internationally.

In each house of the Vice-Province in India, special focus is given to providing spiritual, psychological, social and educational needs for these young people. Currently, two of our Fathers serve as chaplains for the Jesus Youth Movement. One, as the National Chaplain for Teens’ Ministry and the other as the Chaplain of the International Formation Team of Jesus Youth, where they help out with retreats and different animation programs for these youth. Many times, participants reach out for personal guidance and growth sessions


DeMatha Boy’s Home

The DeMatha Boys’ Home is a project specifically for the benefit of tribal young men from the Northeastern States of India. The primary goal is to provide selected young men the opportunity for higher education not available in their particular locality or family life. Boys who have completed Class X are brought to the Trinitarian campus in Bangalore. Here they receive basic coaching in social skills, the English language, catechetical training, etc. Upon completion, they are admitted to higher secondary education or undergraduate program as per the requirement.

Impoverished young adults migrate from North India and North East (Where Christians are being persecuted) in search of better employment opportunities; however, without job training or skills, their quest for work and a brighter future is unsuccessful.

Bangalore DeMatha Boys Home
Amount to be funded

To purchase a 4-wheel drive utility vehicle - $4,045.00

This project can be funded

by calling 443-471-7687 or emailing


Migrant Mission, Bangalore

Donate for a one day retreat program

The Trinitarian Brothers at Holy Trinity Ashram, Bangalore, in collaboration with the Migrant Commission of the Archdiocese of Bangalore, are looking after the spiritual well-being of the migrants from the north and northeastern part of India. There are several hundred migrant youth working in different parts of Bangalore, and the Trinitarians are entrusted with the Bannerghatta Road area of the city. Every third Sunday of the month about one hundred migrants, especially youth, attend the Holy Mass. On special occasions like Christmas, Easter, etc., three to four hundred people come together. Some of the Fathers and Seminarians know the Hindi language, which enhances the effectiveness of the mission.

Amount to be funded :$150

DeMatha Spiritual Center, Thrissur

DeMatha Spiritual Center in Thrissur, Kerala, caters to the spiritual needs of the local people, especially children and youth. Every year during the summer holidays retreats and spiritual animation programs are organized for children, teenagers and youth which is highly appreciated by the Archdiocese.

Moreover, different prayer groups meet regularly throughout the year. The Center also serves as a spiritual sharing and healing place for individuals and families through the Sacrament of Reconciliatioand spiritual counseling.

Amount to be funded

Youth Retreat for 35 Members - Cost is $ 250.

Weekend Retreat for teenagers-Cost is $ 200 for 50 members.


Family Apostolate-Laity Faith Formation in Rural Villages

The Trinitarian family is an ecclesial community composed of clerics, lay persons, nuns and religious brothers and sisters who bear the name of the Trinity and who acknowledge St. John de Matha as their common father. Together they form the “house of the Trinity and of captives” , share in the same Trinitarian redemptive charism and carry out its mission: the glorification of Trinity and the redemption of the captives of our day.From the very beginning of the Order, lay persons have been part of the family. By their lay and public nature, they incarnate the charism St. John de Matha in the world in a variety of ways.

Amount to be funded

Faith formation for Families: $ 15 for per family